On Becoming Rudra – The Indo-European Investiture Of The Divine Essence In Ritual And Beyond

It is Wednesday ! Odin’s Day ! And so therefore, some absolutely excellent (A)Art-i and accompanying commentary upon the relevant Indo-European …

On Becoming Rudra – The Indo-European Investiture Of The Divine Essence In Ritual And Beyond

I Guess I’m Here

Countdown to retirement has begun. I was talking to my Training NCO and he said, “Damn, you are short timing”. I said, “Yep, in December I start my terminal leave.”

I will miss being a soldier, being in Artillery, and being with the guys. It’s what I have known for almost all my adult life. But, I have done my part. I have been to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Syria. Of the nearly 23 years of marriage to my wife, we have probably only been together 18 of those years? I have sweated, bled, and sacrificed. I’m ready to go but will miss it all terribly.

I can’t wait! I’m an old man now and I’m ready to have a little less responsibility and enjoy more time with my family. I look forward to spending more time with the grandson. Hopefully, WWIII doesn’t kick between now and the fateful day, but, if it does, I’m a soldier. I’ll do what I have to do.

I thank the Fates and the Gods for giving me a pretty good life. I am so appreciative and I’m ready for the next chapter.

Roger That

All things come to an end. Some are things we miss. Somethings, we are glad they are over.

The Elders at the Presbyterian church I taught Sunday School and was a Deacon at wanted to meet me at the Church to talk to me about my pagan beliefs. Scheduled at 6:00 pm today. I was prepared I thought for a Redneck Inquisition. I prayed to the Gods so that I would give a good account of myself and represent them in a good light.

But, there wasn’t much to it. I was presented with the gospel and told to resign. It was all very friendly but they had no interest in what I had to say, at least the head Elder wasn’t. I wasn’t about to argue with the elderly gentleman. When told I needed to resign my position, I said, “Roger that.”

It was rather refreshing to just get it over with and not have to argue. I pointed a couple of scriptures and the head Elder said something I thinks is in Isiah but that was all. We talk about sheep farming after that. This could have been done with a phone call, but, I was glad to see them.