I’m Pissed Off!

I can’t believe we just handed over Afghanistan after 20 years of blood sweat and tears! That year away from my family there just added up to ZERO.

This guy has a Christian worldview but he’s SF and fought in Afghanistan and more articulate than I. Give it a listen. Bobby G

Published by bgm64

I am a polytheist of the Norse persuasion. I’m in the military as a Sergeant First Class, but, most importantly, I am a grandfather. I love The Gods and will never return to monotheism. I love everything Bigfoot and cryptozoology.

One thought on “I’m Pissed Off!

  1. This woke BS is destroying our country wholesale (but then it’s coming from the radical left so that’s not surprising). Great video and I agree with every word. It’s just a shame that the people who need to hear it don’t have the wherewithal to comprehend the situation. I am so disgusted with this administration.

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