Such Is Life

The day started out pretty bad. My truck was broken into last night. The really bad apart about that was that my Glock 17 with the Holoson scope was taken. About $900 worth of my property gone. But, things can be replaced. Lucky for the perp he didn’t come in the house and threaten me or my wife. His life would have ended. The really bad part was that after I had gotten in bed I thought, “Dammit, I left my pistol in the truck. I should probably get up and go get it.” But, I was comfortable and didn’t want to get up. Dumbass!

Anyway, I spent most of the morning cleaning out glass and everything else out and waited on the wrecker to come pick it up. While I was waiting my Thor plaque came that I had ordered months ago. I didn’t realize it came all the way from Russia! But, I’m pretty freaking excited about it. It will be used in devotion tonight.

Published by bgm64

I am a polytheist of the Norse persuasion. I’m in the military as a Sergeant First Class, but, most importantly, I am a grandfather. I love The Gods and will never return to monotheism. I love everything Bigfoot and cryptozoology.

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