Jesus, The God Killer

“The Gods are in the blood. The Gods form families.” – Paula Fredriksen A fellow on Twitter posted that Yeshua (Jesus) did not keep his promises. Whatever he meant by it, I beg to differ. Not only did he keep his promise(s), he fulfilled them. He came to destroy families and Gods. Jesus is aContinue reading “Jesus, The God Killer”

Such Is Life

The day started out pretty bad. My truck was broken into last night. The really bad apart about that was that my Glock 17 with the Holoson scope was taken. About $900 worth of my property gone. But, things can be replaced. Lucky for the perp he didn’t come in the house and threaten meContinue reading “Such Is Life”

The Race Obsession

My Journey: I have been learning or rather trying to learn all about Asatru, Heathery, Polytheism, etc. ever since I turned to the Gods around 2018-19. I have read and listened to everyone I can. I don’t feel like I’m confident enough to talk on much with folks that have been practicing for years andContinue reading “The Race Obsession”

Hrethmonath – a Blot for Hrethe

Originally posted on Wind in the Worldtree:
This blot is intended to be in Hrethmonath, which is in that part of spring where there is still the possibility of a hard freeze but where there is a serious battle between winter and spring still raging. I wrote this blot in partnership with my friend Thorgeir…

I’m Pissed Off!

I can’t believe we just handed over Afghanistan after 20 years of blood sweat and tears! That year away from my family there just added up to ZERO. This guy has a Christian worldview but he’s SF and fought in Afghanistan and more articulate than I. Give it a listen. Bobby G

When You Run Out of Spoons

For those who don’t know what I mean, here is a little bit about the spoon metaphor. Disclaimer: this topic did not come to me out of the ether. I … When You Run Out of Spoons


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