Hrethmonath – a Blot for Hrethe

Wind in the Worldtree

This blot is intended to be in Hrethmonath, which is in that part of spring where there is still the possibility of a hard freeze but where there is a serious battle between winter and spring still raging. I wrote this blot in partnership with my friend Thorgeir Daralsson; fully half of this blot is his work. The original version was a combination of Norse and Anglo-Saxon but I transferred Odin to Woden and gave new Old English bynames for him mirroring ones you could find in Old Norse since this is intended as an Old English blog. Otherwise it is unchanged. Feel free to re-Norseify it for Norse practice as you see fit for Sigrblot.

Thorgeir is the greatest at making effigies. Every year I look forward to this ritual because Thorgeir makes the most dank Father Winter effigy and we use that effigy in the ritual. Father Winter…

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Didn’t Believe I Could

I’ve been on the Carnivore way for a month. I’ve ate only meat for the most part with anywhere from 17 to 19 hours of intermittent fasting. I wouldn’t get hungry most days until it got time to eat. A few days I would get hungry early in the day but not often. I just drank lots of water.

I talked with a captain that was on the same diet with a little variation from mine. We decided we would fast for 24 hours Frigg’s Dag( today). He chickened out. No, he had to take medicine. But, I made it. I didn’t think I could.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I never felt weak and my stomach didn’t start growling until about an hour and half before the deadline. I celebrated with a steak only steak. I tried to eat two but only managed one.

I may try to go longer one of these days. The ancients considered fasting a virtue in many cultures. They would do it to achieve a vision of the Gods or to spend that time in spiritual work. I had to work so not much of that was done today. I’ll have to schedule the next one when I have some time on my hands. Who knows when that will be.

Well, Well, Well

It appears that I was fated to be a follower of Asatru all a long. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself when I saw it. I mean, a lot of things had to come together over many many years for this to happen.

My father’s name was/is Robert Norman (deceased) and everyone called him “Bobby”. He had three children; me and two younger brothers by his wife Elizabeth Juanita (yes, I’m leaving off our last name) and was called Juanita. They named me Bobby Glen, next brother Robert Wayne, and youngest Rodney Neal. So, I got his nickname “Bobby”, Brother got his first name “Robert”. (“Hi, I’m Bob and this my other brother Bob”.) and youngest got his initials, R.N. We were called by our middle names (until I joined the Army and they refused to call me by anything except my first name) after Mama. That all happened back in the sixties.

Many many years later, here I am following the Asatru way. It has been called by some as the religion with homework. I found my way back to the ancestral way in 2018 and indeed there has been endless study. Forward to today, I was watching a video by Jackson Crawford on one of my favorite topics the Moon. Mundilfori had a son He named Mani (moon) and a daughter Sol (Sun). He married his daughter to a fellow named…wait for it….Glen! Yep, there was my name smack dab in the Prose Edda. I never would have even thought that that name would be in a Medieval Scandinavian text but there it was spelled Glenr; Glen plus the “r” is masculine.

Well, well, well…it appears I am right were the Norns have fated me to be. I’m not sure how I will tell my wife that I’m already married to someone else and I hope I don’t get sued for bigotry. But, being married to Sunna (Sol) is pretty darn cool. Don’t you think?

Bobby G – Crusty Old Smoke