Jesus, The God Killer

“The Gods are in the blood. The Gods form families.” – Paula Fredriksen

A fellow on Twitter posted that Yeshua (Jesus) did not keep his promises. Whatever he meant by it, I beg to differ. Not only did he keep his promise(s), he fulfilled them. He came to destroy families and Gods. Jesus is a God killer.

Jesus promised to bring war and destruction. He promised to turn family members against one another. If what Paula Fredriksen says is true, he turned those that would follow him against their Gods. When they turned their backs on their mothers and fathers, they were essentially turning their backs on the family Gods. “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn “’a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—“ Matt 10:34-35

He wanted to bring HATE not only towards one’s family but their very selves. He had to do this because the individual family members carried the Gods in their blood. They carried the love of family (Gods and human) with them. They had to turn that into hate. They had show their utter contempt for those that had loved and nurtured them their entire lives. “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple.” Luke 14:26

Jesus kept his promise to destroy the old order to put “new wine” in a new wine skin. He promised that the Hebrew temple would be destroyed with “not one stone left upon another”. He destroyed the Hebrew families first because they would not have except him as the god-man if they didn’t. He spared neither his own family-the Hebrews-nor the pagan families. It all had to die.

Thank the Gods we live in a time where his “kingdom” is the one that is dying. We are resurrecting our ancient families, our ancient Gods that have loved us from the beginning. May we all stand against this God killer once and for all.

Crusty Old Smoke- Bobby G

Such Is Life

The day started out pretty bad. My truck was broken into last night. The really bad apart about that was that my Glock 17 with the Holoson scope was taken. About $900 worth of my property gone. But, things can be replaced. Lucky for the perp he didn’t come in the house and threaten me or my wife. His life would have ended. The really bad part was that after I had gotten in bed I thought, “Dammit, I left my pistol in the truck. I should probably get up and go get it.” But, I was comfortable and didn’t want to get up. Dumbass!

Anyway, I spent most of the morning cleaning out glass and everything else out and waited on the wrecker to come pick it up. While I was waiting my Thor plaque came that I had ordered months ago. I didn’t realize it came all the way from Russia! But, I’m pretty freaking excited about it. It will be used in devotion tonight.

The Race Obsession

My Journey:

I have been learning or rather trying to learn all about Asatru, Heathery, Polytheism, etc. ever since I turned to the Gods around 2018-19. I have read and listened to everyone I can. I don’t feel like I’m confident enough to talk on much with folks that have been practicing for years and years, but, I know one thing I have grown extremely tired of: the race obsession.


Disclaimer: I was in the AFA for two years but have left the group this year.

There are tons of different kinds of polytheist and many different practices and for the most part everyone seems to be live and let live. However, when it comes to groups like the Asatru Folk Assembly, they all lose their minds! They may not agree on worship. They may not agree that the Gods are only archetypes. They may not agree with atheist “heathens”. But, one thing they all agree on is they hate the AFA. They particularly hate the AFA’s stance on race and who they allow in their group.

The AFA believe that Asatru is in the blood. They believe that the Norse Gods are their (those of Northern European decent) kinfolk. They believe that you should worship the Gods that your ancestors worshiped. Yes, they have a very narrow worldview and only allow people with certain genetic traits to join their group. Indeed, I only know of one scholar that would agree with their stance, Paula Fredriksen. She is a professor at Hebrew University. She teaches that the Gods are in the blood. That the Gods form families. Throughout preChristian history, this is demonstrably true. The Greeks (kinsman) had their set of Gods. The Romans had theirs. The Hebrews had theirs. Each kin group worshiped their “family” of Gods. “You are my son. Today I have begotten you” says Yahweh-Psalm 2:7. The only way to be part of the Hebrew religion was to become part of the Hebrew family through ADOPTION. This is why Paul tells his Greek church that they are redeemed through Christ through adoption as sons,

Ephesians 1:5. They left their family and family of Gods and were adopted into a new family in order to participate in the religion of the Hebrews.


Today I read and listen to (mostly on YT) many different folks left, right and center politically. I don’t care. I’m trying to learn to worship the Gods. But, fuck, everyone of these videos have to talk about RACE! The title of the videos will something like, “How to pray as a polytheist” but my Gods! Thirty minutes of it will be taken up with the AFA is racist and racism is bad! One show has a scholar of Norse religion and you would think, “I can learn from this guy”, but, every video is about race. Did I say every video? I meant EVERY video! It just ruins the whole video for me like the ones that have ads every three minutes. I just can’t watch them. I found another fellow that I really liked and what do you know: AFA bad! Racism bad! It’s just an obsession!

Who cares:

I could not care less what the AFA does. I don’t care if they are “racist”. I don’t care if this group is this or that, left or right. Let them do them and you do you. Lets set about reconstructing an almost destroyed religion that matters way more than this or that group. Just stop with this obsession with race. Thank you.

Crusty Old Smoke – Bobby G

Hrethmonath – a Blot for Hrethe

Wind in the Worldtree

This blot is intended to be in Hrethmonath, which is in that part of spring where there is still the possibility of a hard freeze but where there is a serious battle between winter and spring still raging. I wrote this blot in partnership with my friend Thorgeir Daralsson; fully half of this blot is his work. The original version was a combination of Norse and Anglo-Saxon but I transferred Odin to Woden and gave new Old English bynames for him mirroring ones you could find in Old Norse since this is intended as an Old English blog. Otherwise it is unchanged. Feel free to re-Norseify it for Norse practice as you see fit for Sigrblot.

Thorgeir is the greatest at making effigies. Every year I look forward to this ritual because Thorgeir makes the most dank Father Winter effigy and we use that effigy in the ritual. Father Winter…

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Didn’t Believe I Could

I’ve been on the Carnivore way for a month. I’ve ate only meat for the most part with anywhere from 17 to 19 hours of intermittent fasting. I wouldn’t get hungry most days until it got time to eat. A few days I would get hungry early in the day but not often. I just drank lots of water.

I talked with a captain that was on the same diet with a little variation from mine. We decided we would fast for 24 hours Frigg’s Dag( today). He chickened out. No, he had to take medicine. But, I made it. I didn’t think I could.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I never felt weak and my stomach didn’t start growling until about an hour and half before the deadline. I celebrated with a steak only steak. I tried to eat two but only managed one.

I may try to go longer one of these days. The ancients considered fasting a virtue in many cultures. They would do it to achieve a vision of the Gods or to spend that time in spiritual work. I had to work so not much of that was done today. I’ll have to schedule the next one when I have some time on my hands. Who knows when that will be.