Didn’t Believe I Could

I’ve been on the Carnivore way for a month. I’ve ate only meat for the most part with anywhere from 17 to 19 hours of intermittent fasting. I wouldn’t get hungry most days until it got time to eat. A few days I would get hungry early in the day but not often. I just drank lots of water.

I talked with a captain that was on the same diet with a little variation from mine. We decided we would fast for 24 hours Frigg’s Dag( today). He chickened out. No, he had to take medicine. But, I made it. I didn’t think I could.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I never felt weak and my stomach didn’t start growling until about an hour and half before the deadline. I celebrated with a steak only steak. I tried to eat two but only managed one.

I may try to go longer one of these days. The ancients considered fasting a virtue in many cultures. They would do it to achieve a vision of the Gods or to spend that time in spiritual work. I had to work so not much of that was done today. I’ll have to schedule the next one when I have some time on my hands. Who knows when that will be.

Published by bgm64

I am a polytheist of the Norse persuasion. I’m in the military as a Sergeant First Class, but, most importantly, I am a grandfather. I love The Gods and will never return to monotheism. I love everything Bigfoot and cryptozoology.

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